What is our Mission?

Our Mission is to encourage young people to explore science, maintain an interest in science and pursue careers in the many fields of science.

How do we achieve our Mission?

We present science in a fun, educational manner and encourage children to find answers to their own questions through hands on scientific activities.

How was Science Sense started?

Pauline Lynda McGregor founded Science Sense in February 1999.

Starting her own business had always been a personal dream so she combined her personal and professional interests and talents to launch Science Sense, a company dedicated to “Making Science Fun” for children of all ages.

Pauline has a Ph.D. in chemistry and originally came to Canada from Edinburgh, Scotland in 1995 to carry out her postdoctoral studies at the University of Western Ontario.

She has 12 years experience as an Analytical Chemist in the Pharmaceutical Industry and 5 years experience as an Analytical Research Chemist.

Pauline has always had a love of science and education as well as a personal background in amateur dramatics and working with children.

Her hobbies include walking her dog Princess, swimming, singing and trying new science experiments.

What services does Science Sense offer?

Science Sense offers educational and entertaining Stage shows for schools and community events, science birthday parties for children of ages 6 to 13 years, hands on science workshops for ages 5 to 12 years and a tutoring service in High School science subjects.

Has Science Sense been successful?

To date Science Sense has entertained over 7000 children at birthday parties, library workshops and stage shows. Time will tell if Science Sense has influenced any future scientists. I hope so!

If you have been inspired by science with help from Science Sense, please write and tell the science lady at thesciencelady@sciencesense.com.