Marshmallow and Structures


You will need:                                       

Your imagination

Build different structures using marshmallows and spaghetti. You can build an architectural design or a structure that can hold some weight such as a paper plate, a Styrofoam cup or even a ping pong ball.

It is the frame of a structure that makes it safe and strong. It is very important to think about what a structure will be used for before it is built.

If you look carefully at solid or frame structures you may be able to spot a pattern that is repeated over and over within the structure. The pattern is usually made from one or two shapes or lines repeated in a certain order.

Did you know.....................

The Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia, a steel arch bridge is one of the heaviest and widest bridges in the world. It supports two railway tracks, eight car lanes, a bicycle path, and a walkway.

Write and tell me how much weight your structure can support. Iíll print the results on the website.

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