You will need:

A plastic bottle with a narrow neck

Modeling clay

A piece of plastic tubing (A bendy straw may work)

Coins, sticky tape

(1)               Cut three holes in the side of the bottle. Use the sticky tape to fix three coins to the same side of the bottle (These help the submarine to sink. More me be needed depending on the size of your bottle)

(2)             Put the plastic tubing in the neck of the bottle and seal the neck with the modeling clay (It is important for the seal to be tight)

(3)             Lower the submarine into a bowl of water (or your bath) and let it fill up with water

(4)             Blow through the tube to force air into the submarine. As you blow air into the submarine this will force the water out of the hole in the bottom.

(5)             You can make your submarine rise and sink by blowing different amount of air into it. HAVE FUN!!!

Did you know…………………..

Air weighs less than water. By filling your submarine with air, you make it become lighter (less dense) than the water and it floats.

A real submarine has special tanks, which it fills with seawater to make it sink. To make it rise again, squashed air carried inside the submarine is pumped into the tanks and the seawater is pumped out!

 More Scientific Facts………….

There are deep holes in the ocean floor. Water, heated by the hot rocks deep in the Earth’s crust, shoots out of these holes and rises to the surface of the sea. Divers have discovered strange sea creatures that live around these hot-water holes!

 The Greek philosopher Archimedes was the first person to notice that the upward force which water exerts on an object is equal to the weight of the volume of water that the object displaces.

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